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Live in royal style AND comfort with these stretchy wide leg pants. 

YOU are the queen of the jungle! 


Inspired by Hurricane Lame and the escaped Hilo tiger. 


-Extremely Limited Stock- 


Sizes: Small, Medium, Large


These printed pants are perfect for wearing in your Queendom, with your friends, out running errands, and everywhere in between!


The tropics have nothing on these pants! The soft pink background features lucious banana leafs and variegated monstera leafs, with powerful tigers protecting your legs. 


During 2018's Hurricane Lane (locally known as Hurricane Lame due to it's failure to appear), a loose tiger was seen making it's way around town in Hilo, Hawaii. 
Let the jungle queen within free! 


Hilo Tiger Jungle Queen Wide Leg Pants

$75.00 Regular Price
$55.00Sale Price