We say no to toxins, no to chemicals, no to sulfites, no to preservatives, no to artificiality, no to unnatural, no to hormones.... and YES to what truly works! 

Finally, a natural, organic, completely toxin-free deodorant that actually WORKS... and works ALL DAY!  Paradise Pits works on all body types, from the sweat-drenched athlete to the sensitive-skinned office worker. Spray it on while dressing in the morning and leave on all day, and it will work away! Simply reapply after showering or swimming. Choose from a large selection of organic essential oil flavors to nourish your body AND your senses!


A favorite at our local upcountry gym, our organic spray-on deodorant will have you wondering why you ever abused your body with chemical-laden commercial deodorants in the past. Thanks to the hard-working action of Maui grown organic enzymes, all odor causing bacteria that can normally live on your skin is gently killed by organic lemon enzymes the instant the bacteria leaves the body, as opposed to other deodorants or antipersperants which actually block the action of toxin removal, or cover up body oder with miscellaneous chemicals. 


Paradise Pits allows your body to carry out its imperative task of removing toxins, while neutralizing them upon departure so you can continue to smell like any flavor you desire; a bouquet of Lokelani Roses, fresh Eucalyptus, a lush Rainforest, Cool Peppermint (perfect for those hot days!), a field of Kula Lavender, or a sultry slab or Cinnamon! You can even choose from pathogen-fighting and immune boosting flavors such as Tea Tree and Manuka, which are especially helpful for those prone to staph and gram positive bacterial infections.


Forget about plastic junk bottles, Paradise Pits comes in a beautiful colored glass bottle which you can reuse, or if you live locally, you can have us refill them for only $1.99 (travel size) and $5.99 (large)! The recycled glass jars are usually deep blue, amber and emerald depending on the batch, which protects the important essential oils inside the jars from light degredation. 

Are you a local Maui resident who found Paradise Pits at it's original home at the Upcountry Farmers Market? You are in the right place! Use the code MARKETCUSTOMER for a discount, to override shipping costs, and to pick your package up on Kokomo Rd (upper Haiku, near Makawao) or the Wednesday Market in Kula on Omaopio Rd. We are often out of stock due to very large orders, so putting in an order ensures your deodorant is made and available for you when you need it. All of our deodorant is made in ultra micro batches with local organic ingredients, with pure intentions, love and aloha. 


Don't see the flavor you're looking for in stock? Have an idea for a new customized flavor you'd like to see made? Want to order a bulk batch for your store? Just send us a message and we'll get you what you need!







    By law we are required to state that these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    Paradise Pits Organic Deodorant