2020 Seed Stock:


      All Seeds are $3.99 per Large Pack   

     Organic & Non-GMO      

         Hand Selected Best - Maui Grown - Maui Proven        

 African Basil 

 African Marigolds 

 African Rosemallow 

 Areca Palm 

 Arrowroot (Red Flowers) 

 Arrowroot (Yellow Flowers) 

 Artists Gourd 

 Basil (several varieties) 

 Beluga Gourd 

 Black Sapote 

 Bourbon Coffee (bush/small tree)  

 Brazil Cherry 

 Brown Sugar Sapote (seasonal- fresh) 

 Buttercrunch Lettuce 

 Butternut Squash 

 Cacao (seasonal- fresh) 


 Canna Indica- Red 

 Canna Indica- Yellow 

 Carrots (sweet orange) 

 Castor Bean 

 Cayenne Peppers 



 Chico Sapote (seasonal- fresh) 

 Chinese Plum (seasonal- fresh)

 Chocolate Sapote 

 Cinnamon Basil 

 Cinnamon Ginger - Alpinia Nutans 



 Cranberry Hibiscus 

 Dandelion Greens 

 Danger Fruit (seasonal- fresh) 


 Dwarf Cardamom 

 Eugenia Brasiliensis (seasonal- fresh) 

 Eugenia Uniflora (seasonal- fresh) 

 Fagraea Berteriana 

 Garden Sorrel 

 Giant Orange Papaya

 Grumichama (seasonal- fresh) 

 Guanabana / Graviola 

 Hairy Pink Bananas

 Hawaiian Chili Peppers 

 Hibiscus Acetosella 

 Hong Kong Orchid Tree

 Ice Cream Bean (seasonal- fresh)

 Indian Shot Plant - Red 

 Indian Shot Plant - Yellow 

 Indonesian White Guava (waiting on next harvest) 

 Ipu Gourd 

 Jamaican Honeysuckle 

 Jamaican Lilikoi 

 Japanese Medlar (seasonal- fresh)

 Jasmine Tobacco 

 Kukui Nut 

 Kula Blackberries 

 Krishna Tulsi 

 Lamb's Ear 

 Lilikoi (several varieties) 

 Longan (seasonal- fresh) 

 Loquat Seeds (seasonal- fresh) 

 Luffah / Louffah / Loofah Sponge 

 Lychee (seasonal- fresh) 

 Mangosteen - Purple (seasonal- fresh) 

 Mangosteen - Yellow (seasonal- fresh) 

 Ma'o / White Cotton Tree 

 Marigolds (mixed)

 Marigonlds (orange)

 Marigolds (yellow) 

 Mexican Papaya

 Meyer Lemon 

 Monstera Deliciosa (seasonal- fresh)



 Night Blooming Jasmine 

 Noni - Morinda Citrifolia 

 Opal Basil 

 Orange Habanero Peppers 

 Orchid Tree (Pink) 

 Party Peppers (mixed- many spicy types)

 Passiflora Edulis Flavicarpa 

 Passiflora Laurifolia 

 Passionfruit / Passionflower 

 Peanutbutter Fruit (seasonal/fresh)

 Pigeon Pea 

 Pipa Tree 



 Plantain / Plantago 

 Poblano Peppers 

 Pomelo / Pummelo (sweet) 

 Popolo Berries 

 Priceless Guava / Pink Guava 

 Puakenikeni - Ten Cent Flower 

 Pumpkin (Orange) 

 Purple Basil 

 Purple Lilikoi 

 Purple Sunflower 

 Purslane (waiting on next harvest)

 Rama Tulsi 

 Red Oak Lettuce 

 Renealmia Nutans / Nodding Renealmia 




 Roselle (Hibiscus Acetosella)

 Santol (seasonal- fresh) 

 Self Peeling Pink Bananas 

 Shellflower / Shell Ginger 



 Star Tobacco 

 Strawberry Papaya 

 Surinam Cherry (seasonal- fresh) 


 Sweet Tobacco 

 Szechuan Buttons 

 Thai Basil 

 Ti (seasonal-fresh) 

 Toothache Plant 

 Tulsi (several varieties) 

 Vana Tulsi 


 White Sapote 

 Yellow Guava 

 Yellow Lilikoi 


 Awapuhi (Several Varieties) 
 Blue Ginger 

 Butterfly Ginger 

 Calathea Curle-Marxii 

 Cassava / Tapioca / Manioc / Yuca

 Dwarf Cardamom 


 Green Cardamom 

 Ice Blue Ginger 

 Kahili Ginger 

 Pink Ginger

 Purple Ginger 

 Red Ginger

 Shampoo Ginger 

 Shell Ginger 


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