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Mahalo nui for considering joining our reforestation program! This is your opportunity to give back and regenerate the health and well-being of Maui. By purchasing this listing, an ulu (breadfruit) tree will be planted here on Maui in your name which will nourish our island for decades to come! Please read more above on our "sponsor a tree" page. 

  'Ulu, or breadfruit, is one of the original canoe crops, and is a staple food that we do not have enough of. When cooked skillfully, It is an incredibly tasty, gigantic fruit (up to 12 lbs each!) that can be used in ways as various as that of potatos or pancakes, all the way to creamy desserts. 
'Ulu is incredibly vital to the culture here, and it was selected as one of the few plants important enough to be brought over the ocean by way of canoe centuries ago. In fact, Polynesians brought 'ulu to Hawaii over 1000 years before Christopher Colombus was born! It is now a staple food with incredible flexibility in flavor at different stages of ripeness. ‘Ulu trees can grow to a height of 85 feet, and the fruit can get larger than a basketball!
  There is quite a bit of hawaiian folklore and mythology around 'ulu. Here in Hawaii, it is traditional to give an 'ulu tree when a a keiki `o ka `aina is born (a child of the land). This provides a lifetime of healthy and hardy nourishment, as well as an important source of wood, craft materials and medicines.
Ancient Hawaiian breadfruit groves were once so large that some sustained around 75,000 people. Unfortunately these groves were destroyed by colonists & tourism, and we now have very few trees. They are often difficult to plant or grow from seed, but luckily we have an organic 'ulu growing partner to order from, as well as a lot of experience.
 On Maui, we currently have a huge demand which is not being met.  The schools are also attempting to add more local foods to the cafeterias by starting with 'ulu, yet there is not enough being grown to supply them. The answer is simple, however: plant more organic Hawaiian 'ulu trees!  
‘Ulu is one of the highest-yielding food plants, with a single tree producing up to 200 or more giant fruits per season......
If you want to help feed our island, this is the way! Thank you for your kind donation, as we are honored to provide this service.

Breadfruit Tree