1000% Organic+Non-GMO

HandCrafted in Micro-Batches

Only the Purest Ingredients

HandMade with The IntentioN of

Healing, LovE, Vitality&



Meet The Squad

Image by Katherine Hanlon


Oils  &  Salves

Paradise Pits Organic Deodorant


Hawaiian Herbal Salt Soak


Kula Lavender Herbal Salt Soak


Lokelani Rose Herbal Salt Soak


Hawaiian Ali'i Salt Soak


Organic Activated Charcoal Detox Bath Salt


Maui Ule'Ulu Mystic Incense Set


Maui Mystic Ule'Ulu Smudge Stick


Organic Avocado Tea


Organic Coffee Leaf Tea


Organic Guava Leaf Tea


Maui Mood Lifter Tea


Organic Loquat Tea


Organic Mamaki Tea


Organic Sleepy Time Tea


Organic Tension Tamer Tea


Organic Lilikoi Tea


Lavender Infused Sleepy Time Tea



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