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We Specialize in

Authentic & Long Lasting 

Health & Happiness

It's a jungle out there when it comes to who to trust for truly organic produce and plants.

 We're chemical, hormone and poison sensitive, so when a farmer tells us their produce is organic, we can always tell when they're not being as honest as they should be. #cultivatetruth

People might lie, but plants never do! 

When we couldn't find 100% organic ingredients on Maui for our small catering company, we started growing them ourselves! We loved it so much that we now grow everything we eat, share, and utilize for medicine. Now, we're growing for you, too! 

We grow every single plant with massive amounts of love and healing intentions, and never, EVER anything unnatural.

We focus on nurturing soil health so our Āina is honored and replenished. Our plants are vegan and 1000% organic, and always will be. Mahalo Nui for sharing love and health with us!   


All organic,

All the time



What We're Growing

What We're


Everyday Nature Support for the

Modern Health Conscious Family

We offer a select variety of the very best plant medicines, salves,

first aid, and everyday necessities 

such as toothpaste and deoderant made from the most organic and natural ingredients on the Earth.

Pure and Pono is our thing, and if it's not effective, we don't sell it! 

If you need something you don't see on our site, please don't hesitate to message us directly as we may

have it on hand for you in our

Organic Apothecary. 



mAUI organic Aromatherapy

organic maui matcha

organic tinctures & extracts

Local organic immune boosting Teas