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- Sponsor a Food Plant -

The perfect sustainable food to allow to run wild, the Chayote vine grows on the forest floor or up trees and inclines without stealing nutrition from the plants around it. When one vine is done fruiting, it dies back rather than take over the area around it like many other vining plants.
Every part of the chayote is edible, from roots to seed. Vines can produce large squash-like fruits that can be eaten raw, stir fried, grilled, baked, or practically anything else you can think of. They make amazing pickles, and delicious soup. The leaves can be used in place of tortillas or bread to make a healthy delicious food wrap. Chayote is the epitome of versatility, and has a strong nutrition profile to boost the health of our island. 
For only $22, you are hiring us to find the perfect spot to plant a patch of organic chayote in the name of true food security on our island. We will plant the chayote in the perfect area for it to grow in organic abundance, free for the locals of our small island home. 
Mahalo nui for your kokua!

Chayote Squash and Greens