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Detoxify your body and soul and soak away all of your worldy issues in this silky soft bath soak.


Did you know the skin is considered an organ, and your biggest organ at that? That's why it is an ancient practice to soak in sea salts to release and remove toxins from the body. The longer you soak, the more toxins and chemicals will come through your pores and out of your system. 


Choose the scent you resonate with most for an uplifting yet grounding experience- and a magnificently soothing bath!

Directions: Add to bathtub after it is full for the perfect bath.

Ultra Luxe: Add 1 cup of plant based milk and all the flowers you like for an herbal milk bath as shown in the photos! Enjoy!


Ingredients: Hawaiian Ali'i Salt, Hawaiian Sea Salt, Epsoms Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Organic Maui Grown Flower Blossoms and Petals, Organic Maui Grown Herbs, Organic Essential Plant Oils



4 oz- Foot Soak           ( Resealable packaging made of recycled paper with gift window )

8 oz - Bath Soak          ( Recycled Reusable resealable pouch with gift window )

14 oz- Luxury Soak      ( Adorable Reusable large "Mason Jar" resealable giftbag )


15 oz- Bulk                           ( Engraved Blue Glass Bottle gift packaging )

20 oz- Bulk                           ( Engraved Blue Glass Bottle gift packaging )

32 oz- Bulk                           ( Engraved Blue Glass Bottle gift packaging )


Our larger bulk sizes are packaged in beautiful recycled engraved deep blue glass bottles. The 15 oz & 20 oz have metal lids, while the 32oz has a cork. They are refillable, reusable, and absolutely gorgeous. If you'd like our bath soak in a larger bulk size but don't want it in glass, no problem! Just send us a message and we'll create a listing just for you with discounted shipping. 



1000% Organic! No animal testing, no distilled or artificial ingredients, no alcohol, no fillers, no chemicals, no GMOs.




These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Hawaiian Herbal Salt Soak