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- 1 Organic Lemon Tree -


Powerpacked with Vitamin C, lemons are a powerful medicine with a wide variety of uses. Lemon juice is a

vital ingredient in many cold & flu tonics, acting as a health-giving immune system booster. A glass of lemon water in the morning is an alkalizing and detoxifying practice that is very popular on Maui. Lemon also carries both hesperidin and diosmin, which lower cholesterol, while the citric acid prevent kidney stones. They are also great at preventing anemia by improving absorption of iron from plant foods. 


Not only is lemon incredible for health, it is also perfect for cleaning. The disinfecting effect of citric acid can be utilized when cleaning wounds, the body, the home, laundry, dishes, and anywhere else stains and bacteria can be found. Citric acid has the natural ability to kill bacteria and mold. There are many age-old ways to utilize lemon pulp, juice, skin, and seeds in cleaning and disinfecting, and lemon-based cleaners are essential in many Maui homes. Lemons can further be fermented to make vinegar, which can be used in food, medicine, and disinfecting/cleaning alike. All parts of the lemon can be utilized in vital ways that remove the need for any chemicals or environment-damaging cleaning practices and products.


The lemon tree is an invaluable one to have, and many fruit all year long on Maui. Sponsoring a lemon tree is a wide-reaching and everbearing gift to the Maui community! Lemon trees have the ability to grow in some of Maui's poorest soil, which can regenerate the area it is planted in by loosening the soil and drawing in water and microorganisms. Mahalo nui for considering gifting Maui with regeneration, remediation and hope! 


Lemon Tree