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1000%  Organic - Ascension Ritual Oil

This cult favorite is a serious life-changer when it comes to skin and hair! 

Not only does this incredible ancient Egyptian oil repair and remedy serious life-long skin and hair issues, it also employs organic sacred Maui Blue lotus to deeply enrich intuition and nourish the soul. The smell is absolutely intoxicating, which you will soon find when friends and passerbys comment on how incredible you smell! That new youthful energy you carry? You don't have to tell them it's the blue lotus!

While the organic cold hand-pressed pure moringa oil soaks in to nourish and repair the biggest organ of your temple, the blue lotus gracefully crosses the blood-brain barrier to reduce stress and relax the central nervous system. It also employs aporphine and nuciferine to deeply release stress and bring a pure new nergy and reborn and cleansed Aura to the center of your field. You'll have to try it to understand the magic that this oil carries!

Countless Maui Ritual users have expressed their gratitude for this incredible ancient oil, noting that it has diminished or completely removed acne that they have had their entire lives, as well as psoriasis, eczema, rashes, discoloration, rosacea, and other skin issues.

The rich compounds found in Blue Lotus also help to create a much more healthy sleep pattern, inducing deeper and more rejuvenating sleep on a regular basis.

We have had countless people share with us that this oil has changed their hair completely, from dry and dull or easily breaking, even balding, to instantly softer, more supple, stronger more protein dense, fully nourished hair. They love that there is no greasy sheen or oily residue, the magic of the young cold pressed moringa is that it's soaks into the very core and nourishes at both a micro and macro cellular level.

Incorporate our oil into your daily rituals and let us know what kind of life changes you are experiencing!

Maui Blue Lotus Ritual Oil