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1000%  Organic - Heart Centered Ritual Oil

Your skin, hair, and heart will thank you for this incredible elixir.

Not only does this ancient oil repair and remedy serious life-long skin, hair and nail issues, the organic Hawaiian Lokelani roses deeply enrich and nourish the heart and soul. The scent is  delectable!

While the organic cold hand-pressed pure moringa oil soaks in to nourish and repair the biggest organ of your temple, the Lokelani rose gracefully crosses the blood-brain barrier to reduce stress and relax your temple from a physical cellular level.

 There is no greasy sheen or oily residue with our ritual oils, just pure medicine!  The magic of the young cold pressed moringa is that it soaks into the very core of skin and hair, and nourishes at both a micro and macro cellular level. This oil has chased away life long symptoms and skin issues for many;  acne, psoriasis, eczema, rashes,  rosacea and wrinkles just to name a few.

Incorporate our oil into your daily rituals and let us know what kind of life changes you are experiencing!

Maui Lokelani Rose Ritual Oil