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- Potent Sacred Medicine -

Steeped in mystery and dripping in beauty, blue Jade is an incredible medicine to behold. 

Blue Jade is made for the black sheep of the family, the most unique people, the healers of our world.  If you need to refresh your outlook or want to take your awareness and spiritual practices to the next level, try a few drops of this incredible medicine. 

Incredible for feeling more grateful and more connected to humanity, blue jade helps conquer feelings of resentment, detachment, and disappointment with humanity.  It opens the heart and mind and allows deeper and more clairvoyant connections with people, time, and nature. 

Grown organically, regeneratively, and ceremoniously with love, this sacred plant is ready to change your world!

- Take by  the drop -

- Always test sensitivity first -

Organic Blue Jade Flower Tincture