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- 1 Organic Coconut tree- 

Hailed as one of the most sacred palms in Hawaii, the nui is a tree to behold. 

Coconuts are so clean and nutritious that only 60 years ago, coconut water was injected directily into the bloodstream in place of human blood plasma!

Resources from the planting of 1 coconut tree are numberous! Just one coconut tree provides decades of resources for medicine, cooking, transportation, shelter, farming, gardening, and hydration therapy. 

There are literally endless uses for the coconut tree, from using the trunk to build pontoons for rafts, to making spears out of the center spine. The leaves are useful for weaving anything from baskets to wall or roofing material. The dried leaves, bark, wood and waste material that falls to the ground can all be used for firewood.Wood from the coconut tree is used as a highly absorbative form of charcoal due to it’s slow burning and high heat generating characteristics.

The fibrous, outer layer of the coconut shell is excellent for composting, and you can use the inner shell for making anything from cups to containers. Simply peel the outer layer from the shell, remove the white meat and then place the shell on a low-grade fire so that the heat will evaporate the moisture and cure the bowl. It will be virtually indestructible, resistant to water and will hardly ever leak.


The strongest wood on the coconut tree is found on the outside, which makes it very easy to use it for building or structural support.  It is also flexible enough to withstand high winds and heavy rain as long as the wood is lashed together securely.   It can be strong enough to create a makeshift shelter as well as providing support for things like stretchers, chairs, bed frames and tables.

Of course, don't forget that coconut is a superfood! With incredible hydration superpowers, this simple fruit packs a huge amount of healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and a powerhouse of pure energy. 

Coconut Tree

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