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-Hawaiian Herbal Immune Boosting Mouthwash-

A cult favorite, this healing elixir is not like any mouthwash you've ever tried!

Not only does this mouthwash cover all of the basics, but it's organic tincture-based formula actively heals the body from the inside out.

Combining ten actions in one, this mouthwash delivers oral health, blood and circulatory system health, contaminant detoxification, organ replenishment, reduces allergen load, boosts immunity and delivers a variety of whole-plant derived vitamins and minerals.

The extra magic in this mouthwash is in its potent organic la'au lapa'au formula which permeates the lingual artery (under the tongue) and is instantly absorbed into the bloodstream, gathering free radicals and traveling to nearby organs in need of support or replenishment.

That means in the time you take to rinse your mouth each day, you're also actively working on your blood health, nourishing your organs, detoxifying from chemicals, soothing a multitude of allergies and other symptoms, and taking your vitamins. The longer and more often you swish, the more benefits you will see!

Once you try this mouthwash you will not want to go back. Other superpowers include soothing inflammation, killing bacteria, neutralizing odor, cleaning and whitening the teeth, and deeply cleaning the gums. This mouthwash also creates the best environment for remineralization!


1000% Organic, Whole Plant Ingredients

All plants grown and harvested beyond organically, regeneratively and sustainably with ancient no-till food forestry farming techniques.


Organic Maui Mint (Organic Spearmint, Organic Peppermint, Organic Chocolate Mint, Organic Melissa), Organic Maui Mint Glycerite, Organic Maui Mint Tincture, Organic Maui Mamaki Glycerite Tincture, Organic Maui Mamaki, Baking Soda, Love

Mamaki is an anti-inflammatory blood-nourishing and detoxifying plant that is only grown in the Kingdom of Hawaii, and is revered highly for it's powerful healing medicine.

From cleansing the blood from metals, chemicals and oxidants to helping lower blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol, Mamaki has many gifts to provide. Please research the healing benefits of mamaki to learn about it's full potential in your life.

Let us change the way you look at mouthwash!

Organic Mamaki Mint Herbal Mouthwash