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One of the most magical and best kept chef's secret, our delicious sustainably grown organic blue butterfly flowers will rock your world!

Thisflower is the perfect natural immune booster and organic dye- you can create the must magical drinks and foods with just a few of these flowers! 

For a simple cup of bright blue tea, use a small pinch of our blue butterfly peas and steep in hot or cold water. Add a little lemon or other acidic addition, and watch the cookie magicallyde speak and swirl into a deep beautiful people color right in front of your eyes! 

Perfect for creating the most magical juices, teas, cocktails and mixed drinks, or even cooked into your rice, potatoes pastas and other grains for a beautiful boost of color and antioxidants. 

Once you try our immune boosting blue butterfly peas you might just fall in love, and your body will thank you for the much deserved wild vitamins and minerals! 

Organic Maui Blue Butterfly Tea