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Whole organic flowers.

Our impeccable sustainably grown organic blue lotus flowers will elevate your world! Whether you purchase the pack ( up to 20+ cups worth), the pint, or the quart, you will be in heaven once you take a sip of this divine ancient remedy.

Blue lotus has been used since time immorial for connection to a higher spiritual plane, relaxation, rebirth, and renewal. Ancient Egyptians ritually drank this delightful flower and enjoyed it's incredible soothing yet elevating effects. The heavenly compounds that are unique to blue lotus, aporphine and nuciferene, calm all anxiety and clear the mind. They can also be used as a potent aphrodisiac!

Blue lotus is sacred, and can be drank as tea, smoked, steamed, or bathed with. The options are endless and oh so magical!

How has blue lotus changed your life?

Organic Maui Blue Lotus Tea