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Free shipping on over $25 seed purchases!
$4.99 per pack. 
How it works: See some seeds you'd like on our list but they don't have a listing yet? 
No problem!

Choose the seeds you'd like from the list on the seed page, and check-out with the quantity of packs you'd like here. 

For example: If you'd like 2 red arrowroot seed packs, 2 yellow arrowroot packs, and 1 sunflower pack, purchase 5 of this listing and simply send us a message with the name and quantity of each seed pack you'd like.  In this case your message should include "2 red arrowroot, 2 yellow arrowroot, 1 sunflower."

You are welcome to message us during checkout or at any other point on our chat system, whatever is easiest for you!  
 Please make sure to select the correct quantity of seed packs from the quantity selection tool. 

Mahalo nui loa! 

Maui Grown
1000% Organic

Organic Maui Grown Seeds