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Cheers to your health! 

All ancient societies knew that water was the first medicine- and adding herbs to water was the second! 

Sharing tea is a timeless tradition that warms the soul and heals the body. Depending on the herbs you choose, you can heal a variety of ailments just by drinking tea! 


Ingredients: Maui Grown Organic Loquat Leaf, Maui Grown Organic Loquat Stem


Loquat leaf is an ancient remedy that has been around since time immorial. Buddhists recognize the medicinal loquat tree as the "king among all medicinal plants." It is even used to counteract intoxication. 


One of the most popular ways to use loquat leaf is to lift the mood from depression or anxiety, but there are uses as well. It is often utilized to sooth gastrointestinal ailments, and is a great expectorant for sinus issues, cough, bronchitis and congestion. The antioxidants in the leaves calm skin and brain inflammation. 

Those suffering from diabetes often swear by loquat tea, and recent studies have linked a compound in loquat leaves with increasing insulin production to combat type 2 diabetes. 


Many cultures traditionally use loquat leaves for coughs, beautifying skin, reducing inflammatory conditions, and relieving itchy rashes and skin conditions such as eczema. Even further, the leaves contain amygdalin, an anti-cancer vitamin also known as B17. This same vitamin helps protect the liver and prevent liver disorders, while also detoxifying chemicals from the system. 



Organically grown on Maui with sustainable, regenerative, vegan, beyond organic farming! 

Grown, harvested, throughly scrubbed and dried in ultra micro-batches especially for you and those you love! All of our tea is delicious whether served hot or iced, and even makes the perfect base for making Jun. 


Packaged in recycled window pouch packaging, with gift sticker included. If you'd like your tea sent in glass, please let us know so we can make a special listing for you, as the shipping is substantially higher when sent in glass jars. 

Mahalo Nui! 







    By law we are required to state that these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


    Organic Loquat Tea