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This magically scented pure organic roller will anoint you in all the right places while crossing the blood-brain barrier to soothe your central nervous system and  protect you from viral shedding. 

For many, it only takes one whiff of this magical oil to completely and immediately dissolve migraines. Smell once, and your pain is gone!

This intoxication organic Maui Blue Lotus Pine  blend is unparalleled in quality and scent.  When you wear it, you will have people asking you how you smell so amazing- guaranteed! 

The oil carrier is 100% organic cold pressed handmade moringa oil, which is incredibly healing for skin, especially for eczema, acne, psoriasis, rashes, and other dermal complaints. 

This roller is a serious wellness booster. Once you try it, you'll wonder how you ever went without it! 

These are made by hand microbatches, and the herbs are steeped for a full 333 days before blending. This means we have a very limited quantity, and there are often months at a time where we do not have this life changing product available. 

Blue Lotus Pine Medicinal Sacred Anointing Oil Roller