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The perfect medicine/superfood to allow to run wild, every part of the turmeric plant is edible, from roots to leaf. The versatility of this magical plant may surprise you!
- Sponsor a Medicine Plant-

'Olena, or turmeric, is a vital food staple on our island, and is used in both food and medicine. 'Olena is one of the most powerful antianflammatory ingredients on Earth, which is important as inflammation causes numerous health symptoms and diseases, as well as chronic pain. This means that 'olena is used for an endless list of health issues, and for good reason- it works! Just a small amount of fresh or dried turmeric, or even turmeric leaf tea, can change someone's day for the better. Those who consistently ingest turmeric reap many health benefits, and it is a go-to plant in terms of island wellness. La'au lapa'au practitioners use all parts of the plant to treat a variety of serious and simple ailments. Turmeric is a vital part of any natural medicine practice on the Hawaiian Islands. 
 For only $22, you are hiring us to find the perfect community accessible spot to plant a patch of organic 'olena in the name of true food security on our island. We will plant the 'olena in the perfect area for it to grow in organic abundance, free for the locals of our small island home. This will allow local people to have access to forage their own free local medicine, and the patch will continue to grow year after year to support the health of more and more people. Turmeric is an invaluable health asset to our community, and we thank you for considering sponsoring your own Hawaiian turmeric patch! 
Mahalo nui for your kokua!